Live scribing and graphic storytelling help businesses reach their goals

Live scribing and Digital Scribing is an efficient method of visually recording discussion topics, speaker speeches, and workshop content at an event. Scribing allows you to visually communicate your brand story. Since we are Live Scribers, we are able to work with both visuals and text. We filter, illustrate, and present your core content back to your audience. An illustrated mind map provides a visual representation of links between ideas.

People are better able to digest, perceive, and memorise information if it is presented live and visually. Since most people learn visually, Live Illustration serves a convenient visual guide to take home, store and consume on demand.

Check out our Virtual Scribing service if you are having a virtual event.

Live Scribing

Hand-drawn Live Scribing takes place live at your location, illustrating on large-scale posters or canvases. We recommend it for events such as team strategy days, or for internal events that require an intimate, interactive setting. By participating in this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to co-create and watch a masterpiece come to life. 

Therefore, if you love classics and real-life people’s engagements, pick the hand-drawn, location-based scribing option. If you would like to work with our artists, they will co-create a design with you. Finally, if you would like a Live Scriber to play a more active part at your event, we offer Graphic Facilitation service.

Graphic Recording for events

Tells Your story visually

The words simply do not work anymore in an era of digital communication. To learn and share information, people need fast, engaging, and effective tools.


Live Scribing is a Visual Learning tool

Scribing live is an effective way of learning and helps you remember things better.


Connects you to your audience

Visuals bridge the communication gap between you and your audience.


Digital scribing and visual scribing are great for filtering information and presenting it to your audience in mind maps. In a visual mind map, you can see the connections and linkages between messages and ideas. Presenting information in this way makes it easier for people to digest, perceive, and memorise it. As most people are visual learners, so digital scribing provides a visual information meal they can take away, store away, or consume whenever they’re in need.

Your event will be visually documented by our live Scribes if you hire Smartup Visuals for an in-person live scribing session. We will provide a visual summary that can be inserted into follow-up emails, blogs, social media, and presentations. The visual mind map provides a useful reminder of what was accomplished during the meeting. A delegate or employee can also catch up if they missed the event!


Knowledge retention and sharing

Digital Scribing helps extract the core messages from information to boost memory and retention. And also, share the knowledge in a visual format.


Engaging tech experience

Digital Scribing captivates your audience like no other medium and transforms large amounts of uninspiring information into unique and engaging infographics.


Inspires Thinking Outside the Box

Digital Scribing is fast an effective way to inspire creative thinking and get everyone to see the bigger picture.


What are the types of Live Scribing?

Live Scribing comes in many forms. From the traditional, hand-drawn style, it has evolved into Digital Remote options. Business goals vary. To accommodate our clients, we offer a variety of scribing options, from location-based services such as: handwritten or digital live scribing to remote scribing service – check out he Virtual Scribing.

What is Live Scribing or Visual Scribing?

Businesses use Live Scribing to capture valuable event content and engage audiences. Smartup Visuals helps our clients make complex subjects simple. You can see that it is not just about pretty pictures. Information-driven processes enable us to deliver graphics at events that help organisations communicate and find a way forward.

How does Live Scribing work?

Live Scribing helps filter information and present it in an illustrated mind map where we see links and connections between ideas and messages supported by illustrations. People can digest, perceive, and memorise information more efficiently if information is presented in this manner. Most people learn by seeing things, so this tool is perfect for those who learn visually.

We provide visual documentation of your in-person live scribing session if you hire our Live Scribes. Our visual summary can be added to follow-up emails, blogs, social media, and presentations. Live illustrations serve as a useful reminder of what was accomplished. So, those who missed an event can catch up with it afterwards.

Our graphic recording artists rely on passive listening, which is listening without reacting. By doing so, they will be able to interpret ideas without being influenced by other factors. It’s hard to communicate complex subjects, so we use metaphors and visuals to simplify them. You can hire our artists to co-create design ideas with you. Check out our Live Scribing services.

Where businesses use mind maps after the Live Scribing session?

Visuals like these can be used in follow-up emails, on blogs, in social media, in presentations, and to pitch clients. They can serve as a good foundation for future visual marketing solutions, such as:

  • Content for social media posts
  • Infographic Design (we can help you with this)
  • Personalised presentations
  • and animations.