Virtual Graphic  Recording

We recommend Virtual Graphic Recording for online business events.

You can capture your online meeting visually with our Virtual Graphic Recording service. Shared live, Visual Recording boosts audience engagement and captures event happenings and discussions in real timeThe use of live event illustrations can be a real game changer for business events. Vivid visuals will make communicating at virtual events easier for your brand. Thanks to our graphic recorders.

Our team of graphic artists work remotely capturing key content visually for your internal meetings, virtual strategy sessions, or online discussions. At the end of the meeting, they produce an event visual, ready to be shared with attendees, other teams, and shareholders online. So, if you need to wow your audience with your online events, then Virtual and Remote Graphic Recording can be an excellent tool.

However, if you are looking for some help illustrating your business content for presentations, client, pitches or office murals, then you may want to check out our Business Infographics. Our illustrators can help you translate your written content into succinct visual story on one page.

Remote Graphic Recording is ideal for virtual events and online meetings.

With Remote Graphic Recording, you can visually capture your virtual event from anywhere in the world at any time. You won’t have to worry about gathering and tracking event information since our Graphic Recorder captures all the key content from speeches and discussions.

Looking for virtual event gamification ideas? Then remote event illustration service makes engaging, shareable event visuals available at a moment’s notice! You’ll be surprised by how quickly our artists can produce live event visuals.

Graphic illustrator will create a visual for your event that you can use again and again for social media, presentations, and client pitches. In addition to creating visual event infographics, we can also project them live on a screen throughout the meeting. Aside from that, event illustrations can be used as conference backdrops and shared instantly. Our illustrators can help you make your online event memorable. Let’s discuss your event.


This is how Graphic Recording Virtually benefits your event:


Virtual Visual Recording is a fast way to capture any event

Graphic Recording went remote with virtual events – faster effects and same results


Virtual graphic illustration allows us to reach any virtual event

Regardless of your virtual event location or time – our remote graphic recorders work around the globe in different time zones


The quick virtual event visual fix

Still no engagement ideas in the last minutes of event planning? Try our virtual Graphic Recording services.


With virtual visual recording we can be everywhere

Just tell us the time and location and we’ll be there. The world is getting smaller with Graphic Recording online.

Virtual Graphic Recording FAQ
How does Remote Virtual Graphic Recording work?

Live remote Virtual Graphic Recording is the most convenient way to capture online events. Graphic Recorder will participate in your digital event on a provided communication platform. During the meeting, he will remain silent and record the outcomes silently. In the end, you will have an event infographic that can be shared. We can also arrange a more interactive session if the Virtual Graphic Recording process is shown to everyone.

What are the benefits of using Virtual Graphic Recording for your online event?
  • Suitable for both large and small events
  • Ideal for conferences, team away days, and client presentations
  • Creates tangible, visual assets to boost your digital marketing
  • Viewer engagement is enhanced by large-scale streaming and remote projection

Check out our blog post on Virtual Graphic Recording for more creative online events to get a better understanding of it.

Why choose Virtual Graphic Recording for events?

Remote Graphic Recording is a fantastic way to help gamify your event, engage audiences and liven up the live event agenda. Here is why:

  • Works with both large and small events
  • Suited to any set up − conferences, team away days, and client pitches
  • Tangible, visual assets for you to repurpose
  • Can be projected large scale and streamed remotely