Live Scribing at LinkedIn conference in London

Client LinkedIn
Year 2015
Services Live Scribing
Graphic Recording
Illustration Infographics

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Event Engagement with Live Scribing

Talent Connect is an annual conference hosted by LinkedIn. LinkedIn hired us to create a Live Scribing piece for their event in London n 2015 and help create conference engagement for conference attendees. They said that ‘Content is king’ and asked to spread our creative flair to cover visuals and information. Some of the main event topics were: Diversity and Inclusion. Future of Work, Reskilling and Upskilling, Employer Brand and Culture, Data-Driven Recruiting

The name conference ‘What’s Your Big Idea?’ – inspired us to think big and create this large-scale artwork. Scribing work at Talent Connect was both challenging and fun.

Large-scale Conferences and live events demand exciting and engaging happenings. Em3 – event management team had reached out to us looking for a real-time event scribing team. They said they would build a massive free-standing wall that becomes our drawing playground. We happily agreed to do it! 

We’re hiring human beings. We’re building communities, and that’s what matters.

Dean Carter Patagonia

Our Task

Our task was to illustrate the keynotes and produce a large-scale artwork (1.5 x 5 meters) within two days of the event. LinkedIn brand guidelines dictated the direction and drawing approach. The client asked to stick to poster style, focus on typography and line drawing. In addition to that, we added a little design twist to it by drawing a bold conferences name – ‘Talent Connect’ in the background.


The content was king at this conference, so we had to pay a lot of attention to every speech and deliver the best summary of each speaker and topic. We also illustrated live polls and Q&A sessions. Since we love visuals and inspiring content, the overall picture came rich and complex to wow the audience and created some content on the conference’s closing film.

Conferences and events now have a graphic recording, which ticks the requirement and engagement ideas. It is intriguing, exciting, fun to watch, easy to follow, and even serves those who demand content. Because, once again – “Content is King.”


Visuals we created were vectorised and shared on the mobile event app, soo everybody could see them. We also provided the client with social media illustrations to share for post-event attendee engagement on social platforms. Our pre-event and post-event preparation brought great results, and we are proud to deliver graphic facilitation for the brands we admire.