Graphic facilitation

Graphic facilitation – live interactive co-creation and information capturing visually.

Graphic Facilitation is an interactive event content capturing through visuals. When we say interactive, we mean that our graphic facilitators will join your event as active participants and guide the team towards the potential outcomes via Live Illustration. Your strategic process will be more efficient if we capture and visualise group discussion outcomes. Our experience in different industries and business expertise enable us to spot patterns and trends that emerge during strategy sessions and discussions. Our Graphic Facilitation team will work with event organisers and attendees to produce fast business breakthroughs as part of the meeting process. The use of graphic Facilitation or Visual Facilitation for events helps attendees engage and co-create by raising questions, capturing data, and illustrating ideas interactively.

Graphic Facilitation at conferences

Makes events interactive and outcomes – visible

The use of Graphic Facilitation service helps solve strategy sessions, present new ideas, re-invent old concepts, and provide the “Aha!” moments. It is a service you can use in interactive conferences, events, meetings, strategy sessions, team-away days, workshops, hackathons, and presentations. We can interact with attendees, ask questions, and sometimes assist in guiding the team towards the best outcome.

In addition to our Visual Facilitation session, we also provide an infographics service. This will help finalise the outcomes and create the Rich Picture.

Why should you choose Graphic Facilitator for business meetings?


Working with moderators and facilitators, we record conversations visually

Co-creation will captivate your audience, inspire creative thinking within the team, and lead to strategic outcomes.


Graphic Facilitation interactively helps understand business content better

Graphic facilitators are able to overcome the challenges of delivering business content with creative guidance.


A guide to seeing the bigger picture

The Visual Facilitation service shifts the focus from the very details to the big picture of the business.

Graphic Facilitation at event by Smartup Visuals
Graphic Facilitation FAQ
How does Graphic Facilitation work?

Our Visual Facilitators combine the skills of a note-taker and an artist to create a visual mind map. Participating in debates, contributing unique insights, and helping participants see connections and connect ideas is what we do. A visual mind map can become a great asset for the next great business breakthrough or, if not, serve as a silent visual reminder of the business vision.

What can we do with Graphic Facilitation content after it has been created?

Using these refined visuals will enhance your follow-up emails, blogs, social media, presentations, and client pitches. In the future, these visuals can serve as a good foundation for visual marketing solutions, such as:

  • Visually appealing social media content
  • Infographics for businesses
  • Presentations for businesses
  • Product design and marketing solutions
  • Animated business explainer videos
  • Pitch decks