Live Scribing at the Tech City birthday

Client Tech City UK
Year 2020
Services Graphic Facilitation
Live Scribing

Tech City had started life in East London, known as Tech City or Silicon Roundabout. Since then, they have grown nationwide through their national programmes and strategic initiatives. Tech City wanted to capture their achievements and used our Live Scribes and Infographic designers to illustrate their 5-year story.

Project Introduction

Tech City UK was celebrating its fifth birthday in 2016 in the UK. The event welcomed people that have helped make London a world-leading digital hub in the past five years!

Infographic design was the great choice for the Tech City to make an impact on event attendees and tell the business story. The power of visual storytelling is immense when done the right way. We believe we did it just that. Why? We created infographics live – in front of the birthday attendees and work teams. It was the ultimate attention grabber!


Live Scribing for business birthday

We had an absolute pleasure joining the Celebration event of London Technology Technology Week. We presented the Tech City a 5-year story of achievements, transformations and presented it to its audience through Live Scribing. Our preparation for the special Live Scribing gig was careful and organised. First, we studied the company’s history and structure to visualise the story live before the event attendees. 

We chose the poster-style Live scribing technique and the results were impressive. The Tech City team used vectorised mural as their brand centerpiece on social media, blog posts, newsletter, website. The original artwork was framed and hung in the clients’ office.

I love what Smartup Visuals are doing to the canvas at WeWork London. The infographic will help tell our story when people visit our offices!

Gerard Grech CEO, Tech City UK
Tech City UK infographic by Smartup Visuals

Tech City Timeline Infographic and results

The event went so well that the mural wasn’t enough for Tech City! We went away with homework for the next part of the project – an Infographic. Tech City decided to have a five-year company’s timeline illustrated. We have presented this positive bundle of data in a neat business infographic without a ton of heavy reading. We hope that the fantastic timeline helped preserve the achievements and empowered Tech City to take the next business steps.

At Tech City UK we believe that great digital businesses are built from strong ecosystems. Our mission is to accelerate the growth of both by optimising the conditions in which to imagine, start and grow a digital business.

Tech City UK brand timeline illustrated by our team of Scribes