Teapigs Matcha Illustrations and Animation

Client Teapigs
Year 2017
Services Animation

Teapigs found us on Instagram and liked our visual style. Therefore, they asked us to create an animated video and some illustrations to coincide with the launch of their Matcha product.

Those who drink tea will know about Teapigs. It remains true. Teapigs, a UK-based tea company, was founded with one mission: to get people drinking tea again. The company now sources Japan’s finest matcha for our table and brings it to us. TeaPigs discovered our Instagram page and fell in love with our quirky typography and illustrations. Here’s how we used photography, illustration, and typography to create a social media marketing poster for Matcha. We have also designed an animation for them! The aim of this project was to educate tea drinkers about the magic properties of matcha.

After making a lot of beautiful visuals, we had to select the ones that best represented their vision. Why don’t you relax, make yourself a cup of tea, and watch our animation explaining 8 reasons why you should add matcha to your diet.