Red Cross:
Community Inclusion Currencies

Client Chevrolet
Year 2020
Services Infographic

"Traditional aid development programs have failed to address the fundamental problems plaguing the economic infrastructure of marginalised communities. The ability to leverage existing aid into effective credit and attract private sector actors are key missing components to fill these gaps."

Project Background

The Danish Red Cross team had reached out to us asking to create an infographic for their Community Inclusion Currencies project report. At Smartup Visuals, we had taken part to help get this project life through infographic creation process.

CiCs is the alternative financing for communities to fight poverty by building connected, inclusive, and sustainable local economies. With this project, The Danish Red Cross reinvents Community currencies and open-source blockchain technology. In addition, cash transfer programs act as a catalyst for communities to develop and trade their means of exchange backed by their productive capacities.

The Task

We helped the Danish Red Cross create an illustrative infographic to support local communities in developing their alternative economy and thriving within.

Community Inclusion Currencies are blockchain-based eVouchers that community members use to buy and sell basic needs in the face of limited national currency.

The Process

The process we had taken included listening to the debates and discussions of participators and gathering information for the initial sketches. Consequently, we turned those sketches into illustrations and combined them into an infographic. The Red Cross used our infographics in their project report to help them explain the subject matter and engage the viewer visually. In this way, we allow the viewer to see connections between ideas and help memorise them.

The team graphically recorded the nuances and conversations taking place so that we had a visual record of the ideation process. This was a particularly challenging task given the speed and technical nature of the dialogue. We were very happy with the end product.

The Results

We work hand-in-hand with the Red Cross team to understand the subject matter and illustrate the crux of the content. The aim was to elevate the message and reach target audiences with an impactful infographic presentation report. Our infographics included diagrams to support the process cycle and attributable outcomes—those involved: sustainability, community cohesion, agency, economic transparency, granularity, accountability, etc.

Smartup Visuals did a fantastic job managing this process and their team, ensuring these golden nuggets of wisdom did not fall through the cracks.

Adam Bornstein, Team lead of Innovative Finance & System Change, The Danish Red Cross