Illustrated Timeline Mural

Client Royal Academy of Engineering
Year 2023
Services Live Scribing

Our latest illustrated mural project for the Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Hub event was an endeavour in visual storytelling, aimed at encapsulating the journey of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Here is our latest Illustrated timeline mural project for the Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Hub event was an endeavour in visual storytelling. The mural project aimed at encapsulating the journey of entrepreneurship and innovation and enhance the learning experience.

The Mural Project

This Illustrated Timeline Mural project was the meticulous crafting of a hand-drawn timeline showcasing companies’ achievements. Designed to highlight key statistics and milestones in the realm of innovative engineering, this mural served as the focal point. This illustrated wall captured the essence of entrepreneurship and accentuating the tangible impact of engineering creativity and innovation in the real world.

The Design of an Illustrated Mural

Before the event, we designed the artwork, blending key statistics and visuals to craft a compelling narrative. The day before the event, we meticulously transferred the artwork onto a 1.5m x 2m wall by hand, ensuring every detail was rendered with precision and care.

The results

The result was nothing short of remarkable. As the event unfolded, the Illustrated timeline mural emerged as a centrepiece. Captivating the audience the mural served as a reservoir of valuable information. As a result, the mural drawn the attendees in, engaging with its contents and extracting insights that resonated with the ethos of the Enterprise Hub.

Illustrated Timeline Mural wall at an event by Smartup Visuals

Mural in the office

Besides the impact that the mural provided at an event, the team at the Royal Academy of Engineering decided to keep our creation it in their offices. The mural now decorates their space and serves as a lasting memory of the transformative power of entrepreneurship and innovation. It now reminds the team of the valuable event and brings out key nuggets of information every day.

Key stats on the illustrated timeline wall

In addition, the important numbers within the artwork highlight the significant impact of the Enterprise Hub. Since it started in April 2013, it has supported over 350 researchers, recent graduates, and SME leaders to start and grow businesses. With more than £11 million awarded in grants, Hub Members have together generated nearly 6000 jobs and secured over £1.3 billion in extra funding. All this helped RAEng establish themselves as leaders in engineering entrepreneurship.

This mural project represents the intersection of creativity and innovation. Where each stroke of the brush tells a story of resilience, vision, and unwavering determination. At Smartup Visuals, we turn ideas into masterpieces, one stroke at a time just like in this Illustrated timeline mural.

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