Visual Communication for businesses during Covid19

Written by Lina Navickaitė

Visual Communication for businesses during Covid19 is at it’s peak. While the current pandemic may affect our day-to-day routines and lifestyle choices, businesses are affected in a far greater way. Business realities based on close contact, working hours, meetings, trips, and conferences are no longer relevant, suggesting we must adapt quickly and efficiently. A lot of businesses are unable to cope with an increase in online orders – look at the food industry and digital food platforms, such as Ocado. The demand is astronomical. Some ventures may be at their peak, while others face a very uncertain future. The COVID-19 is changing our individual, seemingly insignificant lives and the whole societal and economic picture of the planet. I’d guess that this is the most significant reorganisation since the 1918 pandemic. It is something that our generation hasn’t seen before!

Rethinking digital communication in business

Our business model has to be rethought, but we have to keep going. We even conduct our coffee meetings via Skype or similar cloud-based platforms for team collaboration. Because of the social distancing factor, business meetings are also moving online.

Most B2B companies are OK with this. What about B2C? How about the strategy meetings, team-building exercises, client pitches, and so on? Could they all be conducted online?

On a positive note, this finally teaches brands that necessary meetings can be handled over emails, so find new ways to engage with customers and implement new ways of working.

As a creative agency, we deliver customer engagement and digital brand communication products. Our agency produces explainer videos, animations, illustrations, and infographics for new product launches, creative campaigns, and advertisements.

But that’s not all. We are now providing clients with the tool of remote information capture through the use of our live scribing service. Take a look at what we’re doing – our graphic recording is done remotely, and we can capture information digitally while you meet online! Thanks to Skype for Business and contemporary technology, we can do this. 🙂

Innovating through remote scribes

Our innovation does not stop at remote scribing. We have a few tricks up our sleeves, thanks to our analytical minds which predicted that such a service would be in high demand one day! Remote working, for example, enables us to attend a conference taking place on a different continent and to provide a summary of the meeting to clients after the meeting. During the discussion with the client, we can turn it into an infographic.

Digital infographics, remote live scribing, and remote graphic recording are now possible online. Therefore, do not give up your old healthy business habits – the important thing is to fill your marketing collateral with the necessary visual content.

Visual Communication for businesses

Are you strategizing on the recent changes and implementing new business approaches? You can count on us. Our team can develop a digital mind map for your new client or provide you with a visual representation of your thoughts. When you bind it all together, you have a quick and effective piece of work for your alternative business approach during this time of emergency.

We can communicate effectively, maintain business as usual, hold events online, and capture important content for innovative, transformative ideas. Remember to invite the design consultant or digital scribe to your online conference or meeting! This way, important information won’t be lost. Additionally, we will turn the content into visuals quickly and succinctly.

Create visual content for your brand and instead of canceling events, make them digital. Don’t let Coronavirus dictate your brand. There are many alternatives. Let’s get together online.