Fun and Engaging Virtual and Remote Event Ideas

Written by Kristina Katz

In this guide, we’ll show you a simple and straightforward way to improve your virtual events. No fluff, just facts from our own experience!

What should the duration of your virtual event be?

  • Everything depends on the context and purpose of your event.
  • A monotonous screen and only one speaker during an hour will wear your audience out. When your visual content is engaging and diverse, that same hour will fly by much faster.
  • You should plan a half-day or full-day event so that there is a sense of change, movement, and, of course, plenty of breaks.

Taking a Break Can Be Powerful

  • Provide a break if you are asking people to stick with it for an hour or longer. Give people a chance to fill up their coffee cups and stretch.
  • The Pomodoro Technique – which involves a 25 minute stretch of deep focus followed by a 5 minute break – can work really well for an audience, just as it can for desk work.

Live or Pre-recorded

  • By doing a bit of both, you might really strike the right tone with the ‘preparation meets spontaneity’ approach!
  • Organize a short pre-recorded video that attendees can look forward to!
  • You can have a silly challenge on TikTok that your attendees submit before the event.