What is Graphic Recording today?

Written by Lina Navickaitė

Graphic recording for business

Live scribing or graphic recording is a visual way to capture event or meeting data.

You can call it Live Scribing, Graphic Harvesting, or Live Illustrations. The goal of it all is to translate verbal content into illustrations.

Information overload distracts us today. The way we perceive and memorise data has become a problem in our society. Graphic Recording, as a visual communication method, helps clear up misconceptions and capture information. Our client chose this service for creation of a digital product prototype, company vision, client pitch, etc.

As graphic recorders, we use visual storytelling to show connections and links among ideas.

Businesses began looking for people like us who could translate words into visuals quickly and effectively. Our multitasking skills enable us to listen carefully to events, simplify messages and capture them visually.

Companies and startups can overcome the barriers of information exchange with information visualisation.

Location-based Graphic Recording

Real-time interaction is possible with location-based graphic recording. This makes the process more intimate and allows participants to follow the storytelling process.

Additionally, Graphic Recording live offers event attendees the opportunity to participate in the illustration process. The result is that they can direct, advise, or include more information in the illustration.

Lina and Kristina did some amazing work visualizing the contents of our 2-day workshop and were a delight to work with. I can highly recommend them!

Justus BenderProject Manager, Google Germany

Remote or Virtual Graphic Recording

We can also record graphics remotely! Harvesting graphics is ideal for businesses at a time of global pandemic. We graphically record co-working sessions on communication platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Hangouts.

We’ve noticed a sudden change in Remote Graphic Recording inquiries in the last year due to the transition to digital online events. 

As the world changes, so do we. Remote Graphic Recording has become the most effective method to capture, iterate, and finalize concepts and business strategies. We attend external meetings, client workshops, strategy sessions, leadership meetings, and roundtable discussions.

You can watch our Remote Graphic Recording video for online events to better represent the process and service itself.

Graphic recorders from Smartup Visuals participate in the digital event and produce digital infographics that can be used immediately afterward. 

We can speed up the Graphic Recording process with technology. That is why the trend of visualizing events has grown in popularity.

What does a graphic recorder do?

Taking your event information and making it into a tangible infographic is what we do.

We will visually capture the information and securely share it with you so you can use it in your marketing materials. Graphic recorders enable you to communicate important information to internal and external audiences. 

Visual Recording for business

Everyone is looking for visual information in this digital age. The attention span of people has decreased, so they no longer spend time reading naked text. By using Graphic Recording, you can engage your audience and maintain their attention for longer to deliver your brand message most effectively. The most important benefit is that content will be remembered more easily.

By using Visual Communication products, humans can gather, analyze, and memorize information at a rapid rate within a short period of time.

This is why many of our clients deal with large volumes of often technical business language and strategic data. To reach and impact their audiences, they simplify and convey business content. 

Is Graphic Recording the same as Live Scribing?

The answer is yes. A different term for Graphic Recording, Sketch-noting, and Visual Harvesting is Live Scribing. They all refer to the same thing and confuse people.

In the UK, Live Scribing is more common, whereas Graphic Recording is more common in the US and European countries such as Germany, France, Austria, Holland, Denmark, etc.

Graphic Recording, also known as Live Scribing, can be found here. Tired of reading? – then give us a call. 🙂

How much does Graphic Recording cost?

As long-term players in the industry, we know that every service offers a different quality and attracts a different clientele. Pricing for the recording will depend on how long the event is (starting at 15 minutes and extending up to a half-day or full-day event or a full-day event lasting half, three, or four days). A daily rate of 1000-2700 Euros is typical in Europe and the United Kingdom. The price usually varies according to the experience of the Graphic Recorder, preparation, and iteration options of the final product.

If you know your primary event goal, outcome expectations, and budget, you can determine the price for Graphic Recording which suits your budget.

Our team of Graphic Recorders, ranging from senior to junior, speak multiple languages to tailor proposals to suit different budgets and client needs. We will explain and guide you through the process and provide you with the broken-down proposal for your convenience.

Contact us to discuss Graphic Recording.