Graphic Recorders and live illustrators for events

Written by Lina Navickaitė

Adding live illustration to events is a great way to bring interactive and meaningful experiences to events. Graphic Recorders act as silent communicators and help close the communication gap between businesses and their audiences. Meetings and events are often very literal. Reading heavy content can be exhausting people forget it quickly. So, make your message stick! Even the most complex of subjects could become a bit more appealing with Graphic Graphic Recording (aka Live Scribing)

How does Graphic Recording work?

Graphic Recording provides a visual summary of the event – Live Illustrators will do the content analysis and summaries for you! You’ll get everything you need in this visual summary: content, fun factor, and a memorable learning experience. The use of graphic recordings also enables you to capture and review content long after the event has ended as well as keep track of discussion topics and outcomes. This is why Live Illustration is a perfect tool for both online and real-life events as it adds an interactive experience and content design component.

Capturing group learnings and discussions

Globally, companies organise team meetings, seminars, and product introductions for their employees. However, they rarely record these events. Perhaps someone takes notes.There are notes from meetings you attended, notes from an event you attended, and daily notes from your personal life. How do you keep track of them all? Audiences need a multi engagement and learning experience to make an event stick. Why?

“A human brain is essentially a massive parallel processor. For a group to work together, the group brain must be a serial processor. Group memory is used to keep the group focused on one task, and to do it in a logical sequence. Posts on the wall or otherwise collecting items that are visible to everyone can serve as a group memory.

This is where you keep all comments, ideas, discussions, agreements, thoughts, votes, and decisions, so everyone in the group knows what we’re talking about at the moment.” (Group Memory: How to Make Meetings Work, Doyle & Strauss)

Graphic Recording aka Live Illustration for events

If you want to illustrate your event live, you can use Live Scribing or Graphic Recording. With our team, you can capture and visualise key content on the spot! Those images can be shared immediately on social media platforms, and your social media channels become a summary of the entire seminar, meeting, or session. Sketch notes (for a short event) or large canvases (for a big event such as a brand launch). There are different Live Scribing styles, each providing a different result.

Often, the artwork of a live scribe serves as both a backdrop for photos and a topic for discussion at an event. People gather around to discuss key topics, take pictures of their favourite quotes, and post them on social media. The artwork includes the logo of your company, which represents your brand and promotes your organisation.

Is there sensitive information in your possession? Not a problem. We can handle it as well. We stay discreet if a professional secret needs to be kept.

Our clients’ needs are extremely valuable to us, and we are loyal to them. Meeting their needs is our priority. Smartup Visuals facilitates multidimensional learning.

Graphic Recorders – solve problems and boost group memory

Live illustration companies often describe themselves as problem solvers. This is exactly how we approach our work. However, Live Scribing would be meaningless without content. Herein lies the art.

Live Scribing, however, is not art. More like information design and visualisation. A form of education.

Because we are Live Scribes and Graphic Recorders, we are hard workers and multitaskers, and our brains are trained to function on many levels. Listening, sifting through content, and summarising it all in key visual takeaways are our jobs.

In Explicit Group Memory, Geoff Ball found that shared pictures were associated with group learning or, more importantly, with lasting memories within groups. “Sibbet recognized that the power of group memory could be increased substantially by adding a specialised set of icons or graphic images to the structure sketch. Sibbet, who had both strong artistic and conceptual abilities, developed a series of templates that could be used to structure ideas”. (Geoff Ball, former SRI Explicit Group Memory Researcher.)

When organizing an event or assisting audiences with their learning process, it is imperative to get back to the basics. It is your responsibility to prepare this information for them, and it is your audience that needs to be entertained. Adding graphics to your even schedule may help you enhance your content by making it more interactive, meaningful, and lasting.

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