Business animation is a great marketing idea in 2021

Written by Lina Navickaitė

How do video animations help businesses?

Businesses have made 7 years of progress with digital innovation in the past year due to Covid19. As a result, many brands had to find new methods of reaching out to their audiences and look for softer ways of approaching them. One of the best ways to engage your audience is by giving them what they want. 

Animated content will help you build lasting relationships with your virtual customers. All of this requires a strategy behind it and then animated content to make it all work. Once you realise that you should first provide valuable content to your audience, then you will see great sales conversions. Even in business, you must give to receive. It is all about the value exchange.

If your audience is interested in video content, then provide them with some tips related to your industry, instead of forcing them to buy your product. 

Marketing and sales strategies that are aggressive are so yesterday. It is important for businesses to look for soft ways to reach out to their customers and promote their products. If you want your customers to become paying customers, you need to build relationships and improve business communication. Although it takes time and effort, animated videos play an important role in business marketing.

Communication and sales are improved by Business Animation

An animation can engage your target audience, clarify complex concepts and improve business communication by using moving images. 

Companies can use animations not only to present their ideas to their target audiences.

Make sure your audience understands the information you want them to understand. Visual content is appealing and fast to consume. Thus, adding animation to your content marketing efforts will help you see more conversions from both paid and unpaid campaigns. 

How and why could you use animated videos in your marketing? Start by looking at your marketing strategy to figure out what content you’d like to be animated, or invested in. These are usually campaigns or projects that need to be seen by a larger audience. Also, it can be projects or campaigns that will run for more than a few weeks, where success is determined by conversion rates and engagement. 

The best way to engage your audience is to use an animated video, even if you have some written content on your landing page for that particular campaign. 

If you’re looking for digital marketing advice, you’ll want to watch videos rather than read words. You will see an immediate improvement in business communication and, eventually, sales results if your content is animated. 

An animated video is a great learning tool

Let’s return to the topic of learning through images. People enjoy watching visuals, and our brain is designed in a way to perceive and memorise information that is not only text but has an image or animation to cling to and process. Smartup Visuals creates animations in such a way that even complex topics become simple to understand. There, your brain will rest while learning something new. By using animation, your brain can relax while you are shown simplified and synthesised content. Because virtual customers don’t have to spend time looking for information, it is all there and ready for visual consumption right now. What’s not to love?

What types of business animation are there?

We have talked about the benefits of using video animations for your business. Now let’s talk about what type of animation you should choose. Many clients are unaware of the technical work involved in animation. Even making a minute-long animation can take weeks! And we are not even talking about advanced 3D videos.

Smartup Visuals focuses on speedy and effective business communication results. That’s why we offer different types of animation that meet different needs, budgets, and deadlines. Many businesses use simple and minimalistic visuals to explain their ideas. So, forget cluttered imagery. Having learned that less is more, we always search for creative ways to visualize ideas in the most precise manner, without requiring complexity. Explain complicated subjects in a clear, minimalistic manner. 

An animation project requires close collaboration with the client, understanding the subject matter and then turning it into a visual story. Our animation team will analyse the content and assist with structuring the script, if necessary, so it can be best presented in a visual animation. An animation is co-creation with the client. Our loyal clients, such as Infosys, become our family – it’s about allowing us creative freedom and trust, and we’ll guide you through the process.

So, what animated video is best for your business?

In the animation field, there is no worst or best option. In many cases, the type of animation we recommend for businesses depends on the type of content you want to communicate, the timeline, the budget and deadline, and, sometimes, brand guidelines. 

We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach and always provide the customer with a customised quote for the project.

The two types of animation that are quite flexible in terms of production timeline and budget are whiteboard animation and 2D animation.

Animated whiteboard

Explainer videos are often created using whiteboard animation. It is sometimes used to help clients tell their stories visually. By using moving imagery, you can make your presentation content visually appealing and more engaging. The popularity of whiteboard animation has increased in the past few years, since it is one of the most popular types of animation. Even beginners can make this. Even the simplest recipes can go wrong if the ingredients are poor. As such, it is crucial to get illustrations done by visual communication industry experts who have been in business for a long time. In whiteboard animation, illustrations and storyboarding play a crucial role in the overall quality of the animation.

2D animated videos

Corporate tech-savvy brands love 2D animation and animated videos. 2D animation is quite flexible in style and can be adapted to any brand guidelines, including corporate ones. It can also be very minimalistic in style. We might use geometric shapes with some typography elements, or the scenes can be quite complicated due to the many characters and the way elements move and interact. Depending on our client’s branding and budget, we always offer advice on the best 2D animation style for them. In the initial briefing, we would discuss the project idea and goals, expectations, review the style options and, finally, determine what is the best animation choice for your brand.

Ready to create an animated video for your business with us?

Producing animation is not an easy task. It requires the whole creative team to work on it, including copywriters, illustrators, voice over artists, and animators. Although you may wish to leave the technical aspects to us, keep in mind that for good quality animation, you need to allocate a budget and allocate time. Hence, it may take anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks to create a 1 minute animation. 

Our VIP customers can also take advantage of a faster process approach. You would have to pay more money since it requires us to work after-hours and on weekends. In order to make the impossible possible, we have to be deliberate about taking part in the process of co-creation throughout the evening and weekend and have a budget to work with. Don’t be surprised if you come to an animation studio with a request for a 4 minute animation which needs to be completed within 1 week, and they say: “no, the deadline is too short”. Prepare everything in advance – the quality of animation and the budget you spend will be much better.

You can browse our animations page to helo you decide.