Goat Agency Office Mural

Client Goat Agency
Year 2018
Services Mural
Live Scribing

Our experience shows, that brands look for ways to tell their company story through visuals. So, mural design is one of the best solutions to present company's story through an immersive visual infographic.

Have you noticed how many offices across London are revamping their interior? Everyone is looking for that creative, funky startup looking to inspire people in the office. So many people figured out that one good colourful Office mural could change the whole office feel. The reason why is – people at the workplaces need inspiration and engagement. Moreover, interior designers are looking for ways to decorate interior walls and provide educational content. Our experience shows that brands look for ways to tell their company story through visuals. So, Goat Agency office mural design project was one of the best solutions to present a company’s story through an immersive visual infographic.

Mural for Goat Agency office

Our Task

Our Infographic designers took time to create a beautiful infographic that had very little text and was visually appealing. The mural contained all the important Goat Agency partners, events, clients and so on. Th infographic we created reflected the values of the brand and led the viewer through companies mission, visions and important events – without much words.

The Process

The process of transferring the infographic mural onto the Goat agency’s office walls required a lot of time and effort. First, the creative process moved the mural from the digital version into the hand-drawn mural on office walls. No mistakes were allowed there, so we had to make sure that we created a mint-quality infographic.

The Outcome

 Our designers got to know the Goat Agency from inside out and delivered stunning interior murals.

It’s essential to work in an environment you love: it’s what makes you want to come to work every day and be productive. And recent studies show that surrounding yourself with nature resembling patterns and plants produce productivity and relieve depression and mental fatigue. 

No mural is like any other, so it also makes a space unique. A beautifully illustrated mural makes it a pleasure to walk into the office and start the day, although you might be tempted to book a holiday somewhere warm before you get on the actual work.

There’s potential for a mural in every office space! If you think this might be just what your office needs, give us a call, and we’ll come up with the design that best compliments your space and creates the right atmosphere. 

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