Business Infographic design is not boring

Written by Lina Navickaitė

Business Infographics help turn information into visuals

If you think that business infographics are boring, think again. Visual data representation through Business Infographic Design has reached new heights. Content is not dull anymore. On the contrary, we are in a new age where we represent data through visuals. We all know it!

Everyone uses visuals to explain business ideas or other complex subjects and we, as Business Infographic designers, we use Infographics. There is a lot of competition out there, which requires more significant efforts from designers and illustrators. It means you constantly have to be out there with new work and an impressive portfolio so that you can keep up with the ever-growing competition in the creative market. That’s not new.

The question is now, how can you keep up with the new trends circulating in the industry? You might think that trends are significant. We’re here to ask you to think again. If you want to be leading the game, you need to be setting the trends instead of following them. That is the hard part.

However, movements might matter less for established businesses, like Smartup Visuals, because of our style and niche visual product offering.

It is not necessary to follow the trends. Better learn the basics of graphic design and illustration. Then, be brave enough to experiment and create something original out of it. So that becomes your crucial driver in the market – the one unique style that clients choose you and recognise you for.

Smartup Visuals infographics story

Our story at Smartup Visuals started with quite a chaotic mix of styles. Slowly but surely, we have developed it to the point where it now speaks for itself. We started from a hand-drawn approach. Later, we recognised that the industry’s demand for vector visuals was immense. We needed to present our work much more professionally, so we decided to turn our visuals into vector files.

Nowadays, we combine the hand-drawn approach with digital illustration when we design Infographics for businesses. Some of our clients specifically request the hand-drawn style for their drawings and animations, and others for a more concise style but with a Smartup Visuals twist. That’s a sort of fluid, hand-drawn design combined with flat minimalistic digital vector illustration. The hand-drawn feeling gives the flat computerised 2D illustration some warmth, the sense that a human, not a computer, has created it. And that, my creative friends, maybe the secret! People are looking for human interaction and things close to them. So why do we love elements of nature and natural patterns in visuals and videos that we see? The dust and grain filters? – Because it makes all the virtual and computerised graphics turn to life.

It means we can add the much-needed natural dimension and a human element into the work that we create on a computer, then ready to be presented to a human.

Don’t get me wrong – there are loads of essential and valuable data stored in the virtual cloud, and we make good use of it in our Business Infographics. The world is turning digital, and that’s inevitable, and nobody can stop nor wants to stop this process. Technology, indeed, helps our lives. But what I want to say is that we will never lose human interaction and a good old handshake, a hug, the warmth of the sun, and sounds and visuals of nature. It is our natural habitat and this is where we all come from. So, if we add a little bit of that to the work stored on computers and made by computers, it will be like a breath of fresh air for people who engage with the masterpieces you create. Just a tiny piece of texture or a shadow will make a difference. I promise.

By combining hand-drawn designs and turning them into a digital format at Smartup Visuals, we maintain the human element in our work and experiment with typography. Our illustrative approach is not the only distinctive style feature we use. We also play with typography styles and colours. No more than 3-4 of each.

Here are all our secrets revealed. And, as mentioned earlier, infographics don’t have to be as dull as everyone imagines them to be: computer created, structured, separated by straight lines. Don’t be afraid to use regular compositions as draft guides and see how you can turn them to life, so they become a lot more aesthetic and fun to engage with. Business Infographic designers, are here to help you communicate visually.

Go Create!

Love, Smartup Visuals.