Murals in London Offices – your brand story escape!

Written by Lina Navickaitė

Bringing spaces to life with office murals

If only walls could talk… We love helping businesses tell stories through art in inhabited spaces. The popularity of office wall murals is on the rise. Adding a splash of colour to your office environment and telling your company’s story is unique with them. Staff and visitors can experience your brand in a fun and immersive way.

Smartup Visuals is passionate about telling stories through art in inhabited spaces. Our expertise lies in creating bespoke, office decor that begins with an infographic mural that speaks directly to your audience and reflects your brand values.

Have you noticed how many offices in London are renovating their interiors? The office is always looking for a creative, funky, startupy look that inspires people. People discovered that a good colourful mural can completely transform a workplace.

Definitely a trend we enjoy! The problem is, sometimes designing graphics for the office space means printing expensive and non-eco-friendly vinyl prints. Unfortunately, we have seen too many vinyl murals that look unauthentic, kitschy, and cheap (even though they are not).  You can, however, refresh your office walls with a method that resembles the street art we’re all so into these days! And the good news is that this kind of art can be done live during your normal working hours in your office. People love watching their offices take on a new shape right before their eyes!

It might not be a cheaper option than printing murals, but it is much, much better for the environment! The only thing you really need is a few good old painting tools and some creativity!

Recently, we created a mural around this theme for Blooms London, a space designed to provide beautiful open-plan office space for entrepreneurs. Their clear and modern space got a colourful makeover thanks to our work.

Tropical theme: pink flowers, flamingos, large leaves, and toucans. London is often cold and rainy, so a reminder of warmer, sunnier tropics is welcome in a city like this. The people working in the office that day responded very positively to the mural, and they enjoyed watching it progress throughout the day.

Work in an environment you love: it’s what makes you want to come to work every day and be productive. Recent studies have shown that surrounded by nature in the form of patterns and plants can increase productivity and relieve depression. 

Anyway…no mural is the same, so it also makes each space unique. A beautifully illustrated mural makes it a joy to walk into the office and start your day, although you might be tempted to book a vacation before you get started…

There are mural possibilities in every office! Let’s discuss the design that will best suit your space, and create just the right atmosphere for your office. Just give us a call and we’ll help you come up with it.

What can you do to make your office a more creative space through the use of wall murals?

It’s simple. Choose what you want your unique art work to communicate, and we’ll take care of the rest… This might be a story about your brand, organisation or business. Your office wall could become a powerful visual message with a narrative. 

It’s a rather simple process, but it delivers extraordinary results.

Have an idea about the office mural?

Send us an email or give us a call. We will discuss your requirements with you and arrange a site survey at your office. Our team will then create artwork based on your content and branding. It’s unique and immersive. A powerful way to communicate your brand’s values and creative energy. Last but not least, we will have your design transferred to your wall or deliver mural wallpaper straight to your office. You can achieve your creative, office makeover in less than a week!

How does our mural creation process work?

1. We take a brief from you and do a site survey 

2. We generate the idea and share it with you – 

3. Then listen to your feedback 

4. We transfer your illustration or visual map onto the desired surface 

5. Ta dah! Invite your colleagues, steak holders, and friends and show it off. 


Up to 4 weeks from the idea generation to the production

Get in touch!