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At Smartup Visuals, we are a team of visual communication experts. With the help of our Live Scribes, Illustrators, and Animators, many companies have engaged their target audiences. Since 2013, we’ve covered a variety of topics and industries, but we’re always up for a challenge!


our team

Lina Navickaite
Kristina Katz
Rokas Navickas
Animator & Illustrator
Raimonda Rimasauskaite
Miss Admin
Edvinas Reikalas
Mr senior animator
Ugne Astravaite

choose us?

Creating memorable visuals from complex information is crucial to audience engagement, comprehension, and ROI. Our work isn’t just about pretty pictures. It is about bringing clarity to otherwise difficult subjects and connecting with your audiences. We spent a lot of time getting to know you and your brand. When we temporarily join your team, we build relationships, which, we believe, instills a sense of trust amongst clients who are seeking to ultimately accomplish long-term results.

Using immersive visuals and learning about you, we enhance your brand message.


Over 10 years experience

Our team has worked their way up to become the top visual communication agency they are now.


Friendly, innovative and professional

To keep our clients happy, we focus on friendliness, creativity, innovation, and professionalism.


High visual communication standards

As a team, we have our own standards that set us apart from the competition.

Partnered with more
than 100 brands since 2013