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client PMI

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PMI is our returning client whom we had two events with in Munich in 2016 and Atlanta in 2017.

Smartup Visuals was invited to a conference, helping the project management experts team throughout the four day workshop programme. The agenda was set out by Professor Lynn Crawford, who is a Researcher and Strategic Advisor and an expert on the design thinking process. She helped keep the conversation open whilst the Nexperts team came up with the innovative and disruptive solutions for Project management.


Our task was to capture the spoken content digitally, so the team would have this content gathered for their final presentation to the Global executives including Siemens and Volkswagen. The outcome helped to summarise the entire workshop content and impress the Global executives team by presenting the Nexperts solutions in a visual way. Part of the images were used for their social media and brand exposure. Lynn Crawford also used the visuals to support the reports.


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