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Login'18 Rebranding and Art direction


We are LOGIN – the first, largest, most uncompromising innovation bash in the Baltics. When we started back in 2007, innovation meant technology, but this concept has expanded like mad. So have we. Today, innovation is an ingenious mix of three dominant elements: TECHNOLOGY, CREATIVITY, BUSINESS. And we’re making bloody sure all of these get the attention they deserve.


Being an innovation gateway and a networking ball of the decision makers, LOGIN 2018 festival gives you the most complete context of what’s happening in the Baltics. Content isn’t everything. Context is everything.'


The creative transformation started from the Rebranding. Login Reality concept was born from three interacting themes: TECHNOLOGY, CREATIVITY, BUSINESS. 


We decided to take an attendee to a journey from the brutalism in Vilnius into the parallel word - the Reality of Login, where things levitate, merge and transform, just like innovative ideas in our head.

Project re-branding lead to the colourful and hip Login 2018 Art Direction. 


Project elements


Rebranding & Art-direction

/ Visual communication strategy

/ Branding adaptations on website/ app

/ Event promo visuals

/ Indoor & Outdoor: banners, tents

Promo material design: digital and print

/ Conference accessories

/ Promotional and conference videos 

/ Stage visuals


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