LinkedIn Mural

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We all know content marketing is at the core of the sales funnel of every business, but what if we’ve been doing the same thing for too long now and it’s time to shake things up and try out new marketing approaches?

That’s the key message LinkedIn presented in their campaign and they invested in us the power to transform their spoken ideas into an illustrated mural. The campaign being inspiring and educational, we were set on creating visuals that had the same effect whilst adding our fresh and playful twist to it. The result didn’t fall short of expectations. Our favorite take away from the day was undoubtedly the following advice: ‘Always question everything.’

Viral content lovers will also appreciate these wise words: ‘Nothing is truly viral until it goes viral’.

Oh and of course...we don’t want to sound too meta, but unique eye-grabbing visual content is always a winner according to Linkedin marketeers.  In that case, you know who to call!


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