Evidence Project

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We all want to live in a city with a safe neighborhood, clean air and good transport connections. More often than not, we count on our governments to do all the work and make all the decisions, and most of the time we are dissatisfied with the result.


Evidence project was launched to help communities, authorities in transport infrastructure and governments come together to improve our cities. The idea was to collaboratively learn from the experiences of professionals in the field and from the data gathered from case studies of similar successful projects in European cities.


Our Evidence animation was created to help promote the project and encourage people to get involved. We chose a whiteboard animation style to explain the Evidence project, because we think they have the power to make complicated concepts easy to understand and fun to follow. Call the technique what you want: whiteboard video, video scribing,  

RSA-style animation, sketch board or doodle animation... one thing is certain, they have become quite big in popular media.


According to us, one of the best ways to get an audience’s attention is to grab a pen and say: ‘Let me show you’.


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