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Accenture’s event about the future of Public Employment and Social Services happened in their beautiful Paris office. We heard about the future of Artificial Intelligence and how the world is evolving from many great speakers including Wired editor Laurent Haug.


The focus of the conference was on technologies such as AI, automation, IoT, cognitive techs, that are impacting every organization on earth. This presents new opportunities and also new challenges.


It was our job to capture all these fascinating ideas and present it in one capturing infographic. We sat in the front row with our digital drawing tools and doodled, designed, mind mapped the ideas that were shared throughout the day. We heard and compared opinions and experiences from the representatives of various countries like Norway, Finland, Germany... Hearing that was eye-opening how much we can learn from one another.

Shared information and experience can save time and money and we really hope that our work at Smartup Visuals also adds to helping share information and educate people.

And sometimes education is much more impactful when it is fun and engaging- that’s why we use visual storytelling to draw on that.

 Live digital infographic design during Accenture event is a great example of how organizations use the power of visual storytelling to make a greater impact on their audiences.

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