Graphic Facilitation helps you create a lasting impression. We do it on a large scale – in real time at conferences, events and workshops.Our work becomes your instant asset: great content is immediately available for sharing and tweeting, as well as reaching wider audiences well beyond the walls of your event. For those organising an event and looking for ways to wow their audience. Call it graphic facilitation, doodling or scribing – it’s all about translating words and ideas into live visual stories.

illustration 1-01Presentation is key when trying to spark positive engagement between your product and your audience. Save time and words using our visuals; brighten up your website, make your presentation resonate or kill it with your social  media or marketing campaign.


It is a challenge to catch and hold someone’s attention in today’s fast-paced world. Short form animation is one dynamic way to do this. Imagined reflections of real situations are a lively and easy way to explain core concepts, issues, products or strategies in seconds! Are you thinking of introducing new ideas and products to the outside world?

Save time with stop-motion animation, white-board animation or explainer video.