Scribing is for those organising an event and looking for ways to wow their audience. Call it visual scribing, graphic facilitation or doodling – it’s all about translating words and ideas into live visual stories.

Scribing happens on large scale – in real time at conferences, events and workshops. Our work becomes your instant asset: great content is immediately available for sharing and tweeting, as well as reaching wider audiences well beyond the walls of your event.

Graphic Facilitation (Scribing) is a fun and entertaining process that will help your audience feel more engaged with the spoken material and help you create a lasting impression.

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Smartup Visuals scribing at event live






Event organisers give out t-shirts for attendees as a memory about their brand. Great! Imagine how much more exciting that present would be if it was custom illustrated for them? Smartup Visuals team will scribe the ideas on the conference t-shirts in front of the eyes of your audience.
We turn blank t-shirts into bespoke hand illustrated one-offs created based on the ideas of your guests and/or your brand. Live t-shirt scribing – truly awakening brand awareness.