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creative pumpkin ideas for halloween without carving -arts and crafts

creative pumpkin ideas for halloween without carving

As much as pumpkin carving sounds like fun, if you have ever tried to do it you will agree it can be a bit labor intensive and messy. So instead of getting down with knives, we would like to give you an alternative way to creatively decorate your pumpkins. Why not try pumpkin scribing instead!

Pumpkin scribing works well if you are trying to get your team to have fun at decorating, but don’t want to turn your office into what might look like a battlefield.
Or maybe you want to do it with your children and would like to stay on the safe side…
At Smartup Visuals we love pumpkin scribing, but do check out our core service – Live Scribing and Infographic Design at events.

We listen to speakers and their speeches and illustrate the findings live on digital tablets or on large scale paper.

As a result, a visual map reveals the connections between ideas, enhance the debates and summarize the whole learning process beautifully. The final artwork becomes your marketing asset or an even a follow-up gift to attendees.

Watch a VIDEOto see how it works!