“Maybutne” magazine has presented its icon brand – a corporate character JAN

A leading magazine for financial services segment “Maybutne” which has been in the Ukrainian market for almost 7 years has recently switched to the new development strategy that demonstrated how to successfully implement creative elements into the style of a serious analytical media.


Kate Shcheglova,  “Maybutne” magazine publisher, CEO of the Future Communications Lab LLC: 

«The idea of creating a corporate character for “Maybutne” magazine appeared in December 2014. At the very beginning it seemed like the most complicated task but fortunately Smartup Visuals (London based visual communication agency) team stepped in and so it all began to take shape and develop. Process of the character creation and development was very interesting. We had to discuss the style of each single line and make sure it all reflects and represents the character we are creating. The icon-brand is a girl journalist who travels the world looking for exclusive materials. She is positive, curious, motivated and very active. She speaks three languages (Ukrainian, Russian and English) and her name is JAN as she was born in January. Interestingly, when we came up with the name we carried out a quick focus-group research with the objective to find out how the name JAN sounded for people and got a very positive result! Later on we googled the name and discovered that in some languages JAN was just a shortened feminine name and in the others  a masculine name, that shows force of character, wit, and natural charm of our corporate character. We hope that JAN will help “Maybutne” to establish interactive contact with the readers (as well as deepen the audience involvement) especially since the magazine was joined by little authors children. Also grown-ups showed their high interest in having our corporate character branded mugs. So we believe the JAN creation to is something truly unique and original in the market of Ukrainian media and financial services.”