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OpenCo is the place where innovative companies open their doors to those wishing to understand more about how they work. It’s an exciting mix between a business conference and an artist’s studio with the vibe of a music festival.

Smartup Visuals was invited to graphically record the opening of this new type of conference. As described by its founders: OpenCo is a mashup of an open studio tour and a tech conference.


Drawing fast, or scribing, is quite obviously one of our core team skills, as well as our joint passion. We’re also keen listeners with an ability to create spontaneous interpretations of ideas. But drawing fast wasn’t close to enough for the fast thinking and faster speaking innovators at OpenCo…

The speeches these thought leaders gave had to be under two minutes, and were packed to the brim with brilliance…trying to capture it all in real time practically made our pencils burn our hands! We were scribing at the speed of light.

Surprise, surprise – we made it!


And we must say it was one of the most amazing opening events we’ve ever illustrated live! The feedback we got was spectacular and getting such high praise inside what was one of the world’s top art galleries made the whole experience feel rather surreal. One of the many highlights was having a great chat with the CEO of Tech City UK, Gerard Grech (@gerardgrech).





Check out our drawing in this video:

For more info about OpenCo click here: