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Exchanging Knowledge, Making Connections, Fostering Innovation.

This amazing and unusual scribing job took place at Palais des Congrès de Paris.

Smartup Visuals together with International Reporter Mélissa Bell (@MelissaBellF24) collected ideas from guests and illustrated the concepts onto a huge 3D Logo of DIA 2015 Euro meeting – the highlight of the night!

Our aim was to strengthen the DIA brand’s visibility and impact, while making a stronger connection with the audience.


DIA wanted to give a voice to their audience

The guests of the conference became part of the dialogue on how medical product development and regulatory policies impact the public’s health. Smartup Visuals was there to capture the momentum of this conversation between industries, academia, and patient groups.


What did others think of it?!




Indrė Blauzdžiūnaitė – Creative Strategist at CREATIVE SPIRIT


“ This project with Smartup Visuals was a bit of a challenge for all of us. We needed something that would gather people together and would make them interact with each other & with the brand, while having fun and not being bothered for too long. I’m sure this is a headache of any organizer of big events – and we needed something simply great, memorable and interactive.

So we asked the Smartup girls to take this role – they had to step out of simply illustrating to become the Animators, Fire-starters, Best-friends-of-the-guests, creating a 3 meter size artwork.
And they simply nailed it! The Artwork area was buzzing – to be honest, guests were even more active than we ever expected, all because the Smartup Visuals team were just so easy and fun to talk to. Thanks to this improvised interaction, guests even managed to improve the initial idea – they kicked off a Draw-yourself area, got some “souvenir” illustrations on their belongings and gave us tonnes of selfies.

The best part of collaborating with Smartup Visuals is the freedom – the girls are super proactive, flexible and smart in what they do, so they are able to adapt the initial idea in real time. We are indeed looking forward to the next Creative Challenge to take on together!”


Chantal (Bezuijen) Vroom-Bezuijen - HR Business Partner, Europe at Suntech

‘To me…seeing this being designed live is really special. 

Because instead of the dry pre-designed booklet we get to see what is really happening HERE and RIGHT NOW!

We see the bigger purpose of what we all are doing here in a visual way, not just in words or in a program. It shows what we are thinking as a community – creating ideas – TOGETHER.

It is like a unique reminder that says – yes, we are here thinking and developing together. It is really amazing to see it being built and bringing the conference to live. ‘


Ioana Bogdan – Presedinte la Federatia Asociatiilor Studentilor Farmacisti din Romania – FASFR


“Giving a new perspective of a thing can make you remember it and also it can develop some new feelings inside yourself.  In this case, you created a mixture between DIA’s logo and all the aspects included in DIA’s world. For me it was fascinated how you much enthusiasm and heart you put in your work. I will remember it with so much pleasure.



Sami Hood – Mobile Massage Events Manager


“Was great to meet the lovely Kristina – Co-founder of Smartup Visuals” at DIA Paris 2105, Great concept for lively illustration that attracts the eye and generates wholeness would definitely recommend, bridging the gap between corporate and creative “


Sami is giving my arms a heavenly break from drawing for 3 days!


The best moment is when the audience get their hands dirty.

Go on, we are all creative and WE ALL CAN DRAW!


Special THANK YOU to CREATIVE SPIRIT for making this awesomeness happen!


Numbers talk. Check out how far our art infused tweets fly!


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