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posted on April 30th 2015 in Events with 0 Comments

3D logo scribing at DIA Euro meeting

Exchanging Knowledge, Making Connections, Fostering Innovation. This amazing and unusual scribing job took place at Palais des Congrès de Paris. Smartup Visuals together with International Reporter Mélissa Bell (@MelissaBellF24) collected ideas from guests and illustrated the concepts onto a huge 3D Logo of DIA 2015 Euro meeting – the highlight of the night! Our aim […]

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Build Stuff, Vilnius Lithuania

posted on December 15th 2014 in Events with 1 Comments


Needless to say that our t-shirt illustration kiosk received some great appreciation at Build Stuff 2014 again. To be completely honest so much appreciation that our service had to buffer and cope with orders before taking new ones. Six hands were barely enough to cover all requests…but we must say – ‘nothing is impossible!’   […]

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T-shirt hackathon at API days Berlin

posted on May 20th 2014 in Events with 1 Comments


The Berlin Web Week is a one-week festival on current trends in the digital industries.   If you are a technology enthusiast, web activist or even if you’ve just watched The Matrix at some point in the last decade, Berlin Web Week is where you should be spending your air miles every May. That’s what […]

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Opening Doors with OpenCo

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OpenCo is the place where innovative companies open their doors to those wishing to understand more about how they work. It’s an exciting mix between a business conference and an artist’s studio with the vibe of a music festival. Smartup Visuals was invited to graphically record the opening of this new type of conference. As […]

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Building and illustrating live in the Baltics

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Beginning in 2012 Build Stuff is now annual conference hosted in Vilnius, Lithuania bringing the best of the developer world to the Baltics.   Those who know Lithuania in December will agree that sunlight doesn’t exactly tickle your skin in the early morning helping you to wake up. No… it’s still fast asleep while you […]

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