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Beginning in 2012 Build Stuff is now annual conference hosted in Vilnius, Lithuania bringing the best of the developer world to the Baltics.


Those who know Lithuania in December will agree that sunlight doesn’t exactly tickle your skin in the early morning helping you to wake up. No… it’s still fast asleep while you fight off sleep trying to wake up in the pitch dark!


We had a little snowball fight outside the bus stop and got on with our journey through sleepy Vilnius. Winter feels special here, I thought, while crunching through my ‘too early for real breakkie’ frosty apple.


Finally we arrive, the warm and bright conference venue beckoning us to enter. With plenty of coffee to wake ourselves up we prepared to make every event attendee their own, customized t-shirt with our hand-illustrated artwork.


It was the first time we were illustrating for software developers and we didn’t know quite what to expect. Geeky types, almost all male audience, mostly in jeans and t-shirts, with their trusty laptops by their side, covered in stickers – most of them looking a bit worse for wear! (the computers, not the geeks ;-)


Will these guys appreciate our hand made illustrations?


To our surprise they actually loved our artistic personal touch! Some of them were trying to sneak away with two t-shirt designs, others were butting in the line, and there was a general uproar once word got around the conference about what we were doing to create these t-shirts based on the feedback and ideas the developers would feed into our t-shirt designs. What more could one want for themselves and their loved ones then cool, individualized presents that were made especially for them…based on their wildest dreams and ideas?


Super-creative and playful people are hiding under those serious hacker shells. Just listen to these wonderful idea requests:


  • Fluffy Unicorn: ‘being normal is boring’
  • Eat whatever you want, and if anyone tries to lecture you about your weight – eat them too!
  • Lesbian fire fighters with superpowers
  • Talent + Elephant = Talentephant!




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