17 Jul 2018

What not to forget at meetings

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Go in heavy with the content but make it lighter with visuals

Literally everything is literal at meetings. But does it have to be that way?

Weighty content can really be tedious. In those situations, people listening tend to forget quickly. Make it stick! Every heavy subject could become at least a little more appealing with the help of Live Scribing.

 Here is an example how it works: imagine you are browsing through the website of your potential client. You are scrolling down through masses of information and finally get to the video, which says: ‘All you need to know about us’. It is a 1- minute, well built, engaging and visually appealing video that delivers all the necessary key information you need to understand and memorize, all in one place.

 Eureka! You no longer have to invest time and energy into content analysis, summaries, and the other time-consuming tasks. This video gives you all you need: the content, the fun factor, the great learning experience and, most importantly, all the content is already summarized, so it’s an easy task for you, all you have to do is play it.

 Companies often organize their team meetings, seminars, and introductions to new products for staff globally. And, frankly, they often forget to capture it. Yes, there may well be someone taking notes. But does anybody really look back over those? Notes from the event you have been to, notes from the meeting, daily note of your personal life… an infinite amount of notes. How do you manage them all?

 “The human brain is essentially a massive parallel processor. But for a group to work together, the group brain needs to be a serial processor. The group memory is the consciousness thread that is used to keep the group focused on working on one thing, and working on it in a logical sequence. Group memory is the stuff you post on the walls or otherwise collect where everyone can see it.

It is where you keep all comments, ideas, discussion, agreements, thoughts, votes and decisions, so each person can see what we’re talking about now.” (Group Memory: How to Make Meetings Work, Doyle& Strauss)

 Help me and give me something exciting!

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 Live Scribing or Graphic facilitation works as a live animation tool for your event. Our team comes prepared to capture and visualize key content on the spot! Those images instantly become a sharable asset for your social media channels, and you have a summary of the whole seminar, meeting, session or event. These could be done as sketch notes (for the shorter events) or large canvases for an extravaganza like that of a perfume launch. Our Live Scribing works in different styles that you can choose from, each one for a different outcome.

 Live Scribing artwork often becomes a photo backdrop at an event and also a point for discussion. People gather around, discuss key topics, take pictures of their favorite quotes and share them on social media. Your brand logo sits there too and promotes your brand or event.

 Sensitive information? – Not a problem. We can cover it too. We make sure to stay discreet if there is a little professional secret we have to keep.

 We are loyal to our clients and listen to their needs carefully. That is what matter the most at the end – that our clients’ needs are met. Smartup Visuals provides you with a multidimensional learning experience.



Often, Live Scribing companies would explain themselves as problem solvers. And it is indeed one way of thinking. But really, without content, Live Scribing would just be a pretty picture without the meaning. And that is where the art is at.

 Live Scribing, however, is not art. It is closer to information design and visualization. It provides a learning value.

 We are hard workers and multi-taskers and our brains are trained to work on a multidimensional level. We do the hard work for you: we listen, sift through content, summarise and translate it all into the key visual take-aways.

 ‘An early paper in the field of graphic facilitation was “Explicit Group Memory” by Geoff Ball, who “discovered” that a shared picture supported group learning or, more importantly, a lasting memory in the group. “Sibbet recognized that the power of group memory could be increased substantially by adding a specialized set of icons or graphic images to the structure sketch. Sibbet, who had both strong artistic and conceptual abilities, developed a series of templates that could be used to structure ideas”. (Geoff Ball, former SRI Explicit Group Memory Researcher.)

 There's no such thing as 'auditory' or 'visual' learners.

 People like doing things differently. Everything is mixed nowadays. So is learning. We tend to jump from one thing to another. We tend to look for visual supports to the text we’ve just read. Just think about it! It’s all pictures, words, speed, wow-factor, and 2-second engagement. And if somebody puts it all together and it comes in one go, our minds instantly react, remembering the condensed version.

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In this world full of complexities, people started looking for old-school solutions to find simpler approaches in their lives.  Graphic facilitators bring back the easiness to meetings. 

“Graphic Recorders are modern-day cave artists, visionaries, scribes, teachers, learners, illuminators and historians … all keepers of the precious written word and imaginings of voices and hearts. Our practice has roots in ancient traditions of paying attention, reflecting, recording and ‘remembering for the future’. We help bring ideas forward, help collaboration, help direct the ‘light’ to the individual and the collective wisdom in this world.” Leslie Salmon-Zhu, Facilitation News, Spring 99.

The first part of planning should always be to come back to basics, whether that’s when organizing the event, or helping audiences in their process of learning. Because it is for them that you are preparing this information, it is them who are looking to be engaged and it is them who you need to keep excited throughout. Graphic facilitation might be that missing part in your to do list.

 Drop us a message if it is.


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