04 Jul 2018

Digital graphic recording with PMI in Paris

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 ‘Paris is always a good idea’ - Audrey Hepburn once said. It is indeed. We admire Paris, it’s culture, the most amazing French patisserie and the dreamy walks at the Champs Elysee or the bohemian Montmartre. We like it’s delicatessen after work and a little bit of French Burgundy, of course. Paris is becoming the most visited city in Europe of our team. So, here we back at it eating a buttery croissant accompanied by a delicious coffee in the early morning at Place Vendome.

 Mon Paris

PMI (Project management institute) event is happening at the The Westin Paris - Vendôme this spring. Our beloved client asked us to join the Nexperts team for their project management problem solving and strategy session.

Digital graphic recording live Paris

This year we were proud to assist the professionals from great grand organisations like: Amazon, ZTE corporation, Ericsson.  While Nexperts team were strategizing, we were graphically facilitating. We captured their thinking process and problem-solving journey and finally produced the presentation with the selected visuals from the 3-day work. The visual presentation helped better engage with the Global Project management panel and explain the specific problem-solving case.

We keep inspiring and engaging audiences with the digitally created visuals and always offer the upgraded version of the product. Because things move fast, trends are changing rapidly and that is shaping people needs to needing fast, efficient, innovative solutions and always new product offerings. Otherwise, it’s simply boring. Smartup Visuals does exactly the opposite! We improve at every step and offer innovative visual solutions to our clients. Happy returning client - even happier us.  

Digital graphic recording by Smartup Visuals

Holding the steaming fragrant hot black coffee in hand at our new favourite Matamata cafe bar in Paris and getting ready for the next exciting work trip ahead we remind ourselves: ‘Paris is always a good idea’.

‘Dear Eiffel Tower, keep greeting us.’


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