10 May 2018

Office mural. Your tropical lunchtime escape!

Blooms Office space2

Have you noticed how many offices across London are revamping their interior? Everyone is looking for that creative, funky, startupy looking  to inspire people in the office. Many people figured out that one good colorful mural could really change the whole office feel.

We love the trend! But, sometimes designing graphics for the office space will mean printing expensive and not so eco-friendly vinyl prints for massive spaces. And frankly We’ve seen too many badly designed and executed vinyl murals that look unauthentic, kitschy and cheap (even though they are not!)  But it is possible to refresh your office walls using a method that someone resembles to the street art we are all so obsessed lately! And what is even better, art like this done live in your office can be executed during your normal office hours. If anything, people just love watching their office take a different shape right in front of their eyes!

It is cheaper than printing murals and it is much, much more environmentally friendly to the earth! Because all you really need is a few good old graffiti pens and some creativity!


 Office art murals


We recently created a mural piece around this theme for Blooms London, a space designed to provide a beautiful open-plan office for entrepreneurs.      Our work made for a colourful twist to their clear and modern office.

Tropical theme: a world abundant in flamingos, large leafy plants, pink flowers and toucans. In a city like London which is often cold and rainy, a reminder of warmer, sunnier tropics is welcome by many.  We got some great responses from the people working in the office that day, and they enjoyed watching the progress of the mural throughout the day and seeing it come to life as they sat there.  


bloom mural post


It’s extremely important to work in an environment you love: it’s what makes you want to come to work everyday and be productive. And recent studies show that surrounding yourself with nature resembling patterns and plants produce productivity and relieves depression and mental fatigue.
Anyhow...no mural is like any other so it also makes a space completely unique. A beautifully illustrated mural makes it a pleasure to walk into the office and start the day, although you might be tempted to book a holiday somewhere warm before you get on the real work…

There’s potential for a mural in every office space! If you think this might be just what your office needs, give us a call and we’ll come up with the design that best compliments your space, and creates the right atmosphere.

Get in touch!  



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Office mural. Your tropical lunchtime escape! Have you noticed how many offices across London are revamping...
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