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We speak with words, think with pictures and learn with stories. Smartup Visuals translates words into pictures that tell the story of your organisation, and help your audience learn about it. We use creativity and style to produce visual content and transform how businesses communicate.


Our team are specialists in graphic facilitation (or scribing), mural design, animation, and illustration. We combine digital and hand drawn graphics, as well as video and photography to redesign workspaces, perform live scribing at events and deliver beautiful content for your website and marketing campaign.

Based in London, we often jump on flights to meet our international clients.
If you are planning an event, looking to redesign your workspace or you simply need eye-catching illustrated or animated content for your brand, get in touch with us!



Who & Why

Smartup Visuals is a London based boutique illustration and design agency. A bunch of visual thinkers - we are each equipped with diverse skills, knowledge and experience, working as one. We brainstorm, talk, sketch, design, animate, drink coffee, rethink, create and proudly deliver projects, so that you can engage with your audience in a new and powerful way.

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SV did a fantastic job of capturing a very complex and dry policy discussion on innovation in social services at the World Social Security Forum in Panama (Nov '16) and brought it to life through their visual stories. Beyond the need to capture the gist or the most noteworthy points on a topic quite alien to them, they produced a captivating visual for people to reflect on.

Gaurav Gujral Global Management Consulting and Digital Lead


The team at Smartup Visuals really captured the imagination of delegates at Base London 2013. Before their eyes they illustrated all the things they said they would do to build a better London. As design engineers we were delighted to be associated with the graphic – gives us food for thought!

Graham Munday Marketing Manager

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Well done to the Smartup Visuals team, who helped the voice of Base Birmingham to be heard and recorded visually on a huge mind map. Smartup Visuals artwork helped to differentiate our event and provided one of the most unique and memorable ways share the best and most interesting moments of our conference!

Andrew Dowding Managing Director


I had an opportunity to work with Smartup Visuals both for Vilnius Innovation Forum 2013 and TEDxVilnius 2014. Both projects were extremely different and both times Smartup Visuals delivered an amazing, project-tailored results. Smartup helped to bring new level of creativity and enthusiasm to our project.

Rūta Kruliauskaitė large-scale conferences organizer

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We’re always looking for innovative, interactive new ways to engage our visitors at Apps World and Smartup Visuals was a perfect fit! It was brilliant to have live artists at the show for the visitors to engage with. The artwork met our expectations and pulled they key themes together.

Kate Williams

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Smartup Visuals team visually captured the highlights of our event live. Their team added lively, creative energy while artwork itself became an engaging sharable content for our attendees.

Ella Goldner Co-founder of OpenCo London

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When done well, the impact of an image can be powerful. We were thrilled to see our leadership panel discussion captured so beautifully and smartly by Smartup Visuals. Watching the story unfold on paper brought a fun and interesting dynamic to our event.

Sandy Khan Founder

MBA arena logo

We absolutely loved working with Smartup Visuals – all attendees thought it was a great idea and were really engaged with the concept.